Food Manufacturing

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Cherry Energy Solutions is a leading Australian commercial energy efficiency company with over 50MW of solar and 1,000,000+ LED lights installed.

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Food Manufacturing


Cherry Energy Solutions experience in installing Solar and LED lights for food manufacturing has given us expert knowledge in this area. We have experience working with Covino Farms, That’s Amore Cheese, Melba Fresh, Hussey & Co, Modern Baking, and more. Cherry has had experience including installing ground mounts near sheep grazing as well as industrial manufacturing.

Helping to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions, our Australian designed energy solutions provide exceptional results for businesses, households and the economy at large.

Photo: Covino Farms 783.9kW solar PV system


Cherry Energy Solutions are CEC Approved Retailers who comply with the Code of Conduct, are triple ISO certified and have an extremely strong focus on health and safety in our office and on our work sites.

Cherry Energy Solutions has worked closely with food manufacturing businesses to make sure the installation of solar panels and LED lights meets the safety standards. Some examples of safety measures implemented includes:

Four Pillars Gin Distillery –  Cherry worked closely with the team to make sure the system was functional despite being a fire hazard.

True Foods – With regular flour deliveries ausing airborne particles to become potential fire hazards, the inverters were housed in a custom-built, temperature-controlled room.  The Cherry and True Foods marketing teams worked together to design a facade for the inverter room to promote True Foods’ new green credentials and the benefits of their solar system.

Photo: True Foods 1.246MW

Industry Specific Solutions


On customer facing projects, it is important for Cherry Energy Solutions to work with the company to match their brand aesthetics. One example of this is Cherry’s work with Four Pillars Gin Distillery.

Aesthetics are important to Four Pillars and they were conscious of the impact installing solar panels may have on their carefully designed premises.

To combat concerns, Cherry selected black framed solar panels, to compliment the aesthetics of the site.

Photo: True Foods 1.246MW.

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Cherry provide a wide range of comprehensive energy efficiency solutions, including products and services, suitable for government, schools and businesses in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, transport and logistics, healthcare, retail and more.