Customer Care Program

As your partner in sustainability, Cherry Energy Solutions provide a wide range of complementary services and benefits to support your energy efficiency projects including our Customer Care Program including our Post Installation Package to assist you with marketing your new green credentials (see photo).

Pascoe Vale North Primary School pictured with their post-installation banner to promote their green credentials.

6-Monthly Performance Reviews

Cherry will provide monthly generation reports for the first year and 6 monthly generation reports thereafter as our commitment to ensuring your solar system performs as guaranteed.

Cherry Command Centre

A dedicated in-house team will monitor your system performance daily and analyse generation over regular intervals. If and when issues arise, we aim to be the first to know and will collaborate with you to troubleshoot or “roll the truck out if an onsite investigation is required.”

Emergency Response Team & KPIs

For system failure, we will identify whether it is a Non-Critical System Failure, a Critical System Failure, or a Safety Hazard. We have strict KPI’s and timelines for each category so you can be confident action will be taken as required.

Proactive Maintenance

Cherry provide options for proactive maintenance :
• Electrical maintenance which is scheduled by time elapsed; and
• Cleaning maintenance which is scheduled by performance measurements (performance reviews)

Post-Installation Package

Communicating the benefits of your energy efficiency project to colleagues/customers and the wider community may be important to you. Cherry can collaborate with you to provide complimentary marketing support such as :
• Customised materials and collateral to promote and publicise your new green credentials
Exclusive residential solar offers for staff and families as well as charity support (if targets reached)
• Training and education sessions on energy efficiency for staff
• Referral rewards

Tree Planting Regeneration Project

Our mission to reduce global carbon emissions and have a positive impact on the environment by installing and providing energy efficient products and services, is further advanced through our Tree Planting regeneration project. We will plant trees for all commercial solar PV systems sold, with certificates provided acknowledging your contribution to the environment.

Supplied Products