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The Carlton Football Club, also known as the Blues, is one of the world’s oldest sporting institutions, established in 1864 at the University Hotel on Lygon Street. As part of a long-term plan to become more sustainable and a sustainability leader among other sports teams, the Carlton Football Club were looking at solar to reduce emissions and save on electricity bills.

As a trusted Carlton IN Business member, Cherry Energy Solutions were asked to provide an assessment on long term energy sustainable solutions for IKON Park due to the quality of our processes.

Due to major renovations at the stadium, a solar PV system had to be carefully planned to maximise production while not disrupting other works on site. The system also had to be flexible for future expansion if necessary.


After meticulous and extended consultations with the Carlton Football Club and the building teams, a 99kW solar PV system was recommended as the best solution for the Carlton Football Club’s $35 million upgraded state-of-the-art training facilities at IKON Park that would provide maximum generation with room for growth in the future. The system was efficiently installed to the Carlton Football Club’s great satisfaction.

Their new solar system consists of 252 Trina 395W panels and Fronius inverters that will save them an estimated $943,987 in lifetime savings while generating 138,836kWh and mitigating 141,613 kg CO2 per annum!


Lifetime savings

141,613 kg

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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