NSW Government Incentives


ESS stands for Energy Savings Scheme. The ESS is governed by NSW legislation and was developed to create financial incentives for organisations to implement energy savings activities.

Energy savings activities reduce business costs and greenhouse gas emissions, increase staff productivity, improve work environments and potentially increase property value!

What is an ESC?

An ESC is an Energy Saving Certificate. Each year the NSW Government sets an ESC target incentivising ESS participants to engage in a range of energy saving activities and upgrades. Each certificate represents a saving of one MWh (megawatt hour) and can only be approved by Accredited Certificate Providers.

How does it work?

  1. Businesses invest in an energy savings activity (such as retrofitting Cherry Energy Solutions’ LED lighting) to reduce their energy use.
  2. ESCs are generated through the reduction in energy use. Cherry Energy Solutions calculate the reduction in energy use and our partner Accredited Certificate Provider obtains the ESCs on behalf of our customers.
  3. Liable parties, such as electricity retailers, buy the ESCs from our Accredited Certificate Provider (at prices set in response to the market supply and demand).
  4. The price obtained for the ESCs by the Accredited Certificate Provider is returned to the business that generates them via Cherry Energy Solutions.

How Cherry Energy Solutions can help you make the most of ESCs

A wide range of our state of the art, portfolio of products are ESC approved. We can offer an immediate and generous upfront discount by calculating the reduction in energy use and the amount of ESCs due to be generated at the time of quoting, so you don’t have to wait for the ESCs to be processed!

We will explain everything you need to know, provide a free assessment, install your state of the art LED lighting makeover using A grade electrician teams and take care of the paperwork and recycling at no extra cost, meaning you always get the best price and the highest level of service.

Additional Savings for selected sydney suburbs

Ausgrid has introduced a generous incentive for non-residential customers to adopt energy-efficient solutions such as solar PV systems and LED lighting upgrades across selected Sydney suburbs.

Eligible customers can now get $250 per kW saved with solar PV system installations (raised from $180 per kW) and $100 per MW saved annually from LED lighting upgrades. Up to $50,000 is available per customer! 

That’s a $25,000 rebate for a standard 100kW commercial solar PV system and approximately $100 per 15 lights. 

Find out about Power2U.

Speak to an Incentives Expert

Cherry are experts in incentives and can help you get the most out of the current government subsidies to reduce your energy costs. All information is tailored to your business needs and what you want to achieve.

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