Commercial Solar Leasing

Avoid large capital expenses.

We provide a variety of leasing options to finance your new solar PV system. With $0 upfront payments, these will allow your business to save with solar and remain cash-flow positive.

50kW Solar Panel for System

What is Solar Leasing?

Solar leasing is similar to most leasing agreements available in a range of industries. With $0 upfront payments, your business will go into an agreement with a third-party financier to pay off the cost of the system. These leasing agreements even provide payback of up to 10 years. At the end of the repayments, you will own the solar system. In the meantime, you can be assured to be saving money from your energy bills and re-investing your savings into the business.

Key benefits of leasing

Leasing allows companies to purchase a solar system for $0 upfront and remain cash-flow positive from day 1. The repayments extend up to 10 years and can be charged as an operational expense, which is off balance sheet and fully tax-deductible.

How does it work?

An agreement will be struck between the business and third-party financier. The solar system will be installed with $0 upfront payments and the business will make repayments to the financier for the duration of their agreed upon repayment period.

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