Our Future

We aim to help businesses around Australia transition into clean, sustainable energy and take control of their energy bills.

Our Vision

Cherry will empower all Australians to make the transition to clean, efficient and affordable energy. We bring power to every rooftop, efficiency to every building and a sense of energy freedom to every client with high quality products and services. Reimagine the future.

Our Innovation

Cherry Energy Solutions, part of Echo Group, is one of Australia’s most innovative companies, at the forefront of the energy efficiency revolution, embracing the latest technologies available.We have a strong track record in safety, reliability, affordability and client satisfaction. Our extensive portfolio of solutions is backed by more than 10 years of research and stringent quality testing to meet strict Australian standards.

Our Process

Your sustainable journey will be separated into 4 easy steps

  1. Contact us for a free energy audit. With your current electricity bills and an understanding of your energy consumption, we can provide a range of energy efficient solutions to reduce your consumption (LED and storage), help you generate energy (solar), consume efficiently (monitoring) and for less (management).
  2. Accepting the quote. After discussing your options, you may accept our quote and go ahead with your energy efficient solution. This can include different finance models to pay off your installation and/or upgrade and keep you cashflow positive from day one!
  3. Installation. We will make plans to install on your site.
  4. Enjoy better/less/cheaper energy usage!

Supplied Products