Hussey & Co.
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Hussey & Co was established in 1975 and is renowned for producing Australia’s finest gourmet baby leaf salad mixes, with all salads naturally field grown.

$86,000 saved annually

945 tonnes CO2 reduced over 25 years


Their large site on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria consumes a significant amount of energy and as a farming business, Hussey & Co are particularly passionate about supporting sustainability
and renewable energy initiatives.


To help manage Hussey & Co’s large energy consumption and fulfill their passion for renewables, Cherry Energy Solutions started with a roof mounted 99.64kW system which immediately reduced Hussey & Co’s energy expenditure by more than $13,000 per annum. Hussey & Co were extremely positive about the quality of sales support, workmanship and customer service and the success of this first project led to stage 2, a 505kW ground mounted system to offset 100% of Hussey & Co’s peak daytime energy use.

The 505.44kW system will be made up of 1,872 Q CELL panels and 20 Fronius inverters and will be saving Hussey & Co more than $86,000 per annum. Both systems are funded by an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) over a 10-year period, giving the business access to a excellent rates and positive cash flow.

The new solar systems will reduce Hussey & Co’s environmental footprint by more than 945 tonnes CO2 per annum, for the next 25 years.


Solar PV system

Funded by an EUA


Of daytime energy use offsetted

Roof and ground mount

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