Commercial Battery Storage

Store Excess
& Off Peak Energy.

Backup power and reduce peak demand charges.


battery storage.

Although solar PV systems only produce energy during the day, battery storage provides renewable and cheap energy even after the sun has set by storing excess or off-peak energy to be used at a later date. When paired with a solar PV system, battery storage can help your business reduce energy costs by retaining and using more self-generated energy in the morning, evenings, and on days when there is no sun.

Batteries are also incredibly sought after for providing back-up energy during blackouts and are a great reassurance to guarantee continuous operations for your business. Another benefit of battery storage is providing clean and free energy when electricity prices reach peak levels. A battery system can also store energy when electricity prices are low (off-peak) to reduce consumption during peak periods in a process known as ‘peak-shaving’.

Battery Storage Advantages.

Peak Energy Cost Saving

Emergency Power Backup

Power Load Shifting

Demand Response

What’s Right For Your Business?


Take control of your power and ensure your business continues to operate despite blackouts. Energy stored in batteries enable critical business functions to continue without having to rely on the grid.


With one of the largest energy bills in the market, peak energy cost shaving is particularly appealing to industrial businesses with large consumption patterns and long operating hours. Use batteries to ensure you save the most energy during off-peak hours and store it for when you need it during peak times.


Ensuring continuous functionality is a critical aspect of governmental bodies and battery storage provides energy security as an emergency backup option during blackouts. Customers, the public and staff that rely on governmental institutions can be rest assured there will be no disconnections to power.


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