Local Council Programs.

Cherry Energy Solutions is proud to partner with councils around Australia as a preferred supplier, to deliver educational campaigns that engage businesses in areas of sustainability including energy efficiency and renewable energy. In collaboration with environment, sustainability and economic development council departments, we offer innovative, affordable and predictable commercial energy solutions maximising savings and minimising carbon emissions.

If your council offers Environmental Upgrade Agreements or Building Upgrade Finance, Cherry Energy Solutions are also a trusted partner to the finance provider SAF. Click here for more information.

MLC Solar Project

What do Local Council Programs offer?

Some local councils offer:

  • Light$mart or Energy$mart programs which include subsidies for LED upgrades and solar PV system installations. Add that to state government incentives such as VEEC’s or ESC’s, federal government rebates for solar together with electricity distributor incentives (where available) and you reduce the upfront cost for energy efficiency and renewable energy significantly.
  • Energy Upgrade Finance (EUF) or Building Upgrade Finance (BUF), Victorian and NSW council-based financing mechanisms respectively, enable building owners, tenants and investors to better access long term finance for environmental upgrades, including LED lighting and solar energy, to existing commercial and non-residential buildings on attractive terms.

PROGRAM Benefits.

Reduced payback period

Faster return on investment

Increased savings

Reduced carbon emissions

Supplied Products