Royal Brighton Yacht Club
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Established in 1875, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club (RBYC) was one of Melbourne’s first yacht clubs and opened to promote sailing, racing, and cruising as well as being a venue for like-minded people to gather. RBYC were looking to reduce their high use energy bills and become more sustainable by mitigating their carbon emissions. RBYC chose Cherry after a recommendation from a successful solar installation on another site in Victoria.

RBYC wanted a system that would reduce as much of their electricity costs as possible. The available roof size on the property was smaller than first anticipated, reducing the usable area on the roof.


The Cherry High Performance Team designed the system layout and panel quantity to provide a 91.35kW solar PV system to fit comfortably on the roof.
The solution consists of 203 Trina Tallmax 450W panels, 1 x 82.8kW SolarEdge inverter, over one hundred SolarEdge P950 DC optimisers and Australian designed, engineered and manufactured Sunlock racking.

The new solar PV system will save RBYC $14,183 annually and generate approximately 104,020kWh in the first year alone. The system is also expected to annually mitigate approximately 120,000 kg CO2 in emissions, equivalent to an estimated 2,014 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!

104,020 kWh

Generated annually

120,000 kg

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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