That’s Amore Cheese
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Established in 2008, That’s Amore Cheese has grown to a team of 100 and has more than 40 different types of cheese in their repertoire.

Joining a global sustainable movement, That’s Amore Cheese wanted to produce their own energy and significantly reduce their emissions. That’s Amore Cheese were introduced to Cherry through Carlton in Business and chose us as their partner in sustainability based on our customer-focused consultation process and reputation.


The Cherry team carefully assessed the size and structure of the roof before recommending a 99kW solar PV system with 220 Trina panels and a Huawei Sun2000 inverter. The system also includes a Huawei online monitoring portal to provide information around system generation in real-time.

That’s Amore Cheese will expect to save $42,815 in their first year alone while generating 123,648kWh and mitigating 126,121 kg CO2 annually. Congratulations to That’s Amore Cheese for taking a massive step to becoming more sustainable!


Annual savings

126,121 kg

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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