Modern Baking
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Modern Baking, based out of an 18,000m factory in Melbourne’s Broadmeadows, employs more than 170 staff and produces Australia’s much loved Unibic ANZAC biscuits.

$70,000 saved annually

$8,800 in saved maintenance costs


With over 900 light fittings, Modern Baking were aware that maximising lighting efficiencies would be one of the easiest ways to reduce their energy bills. With the assistance of the Hume Light$mart Program and Cherry Energy Solutions, the business embarked on a project to remove all of its old fluorescent lights with energy efficient Littil LED highbays, corn lights, T8 Tubes, G24 lamps and floodlights.


Large refrigeration areas are perfect applications for LED lighting as they give off substantially less heat and are designed to provide directional illumination and more uniform light distribution. In addition, the improved quality of light reduces glare and improves visibility with increased lux levels across the production areas.

Through the installation of 931 Littil LED lights, Modern Baking will now save up to 60% on their lighting energy usage, which translates as an exceptional estimated saving of over $70,000 per annum.

Maintenance and replacement costs will now be substantially lower, as LEDs last up to 8 times longer than halogen, fluorescent or incandescent lights. Estimated annual maintenance savings are over $8,800 and Modern Baking now has the piece of mind of consistent warranties across all new Littil LED lights. The payback period for the entire project is just 1.97 years.


Savings up to 60% of energy use on lights


Year payback period

Rebate from Hume City Council Light$mart program

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