EnergyAustralia’s Large Business Solutions

Understand Your Energy.

As an EnergyAustralia partner, Cherry customers who move to an EnergyAustralia large market contract can utilise a range of services to navigate the energy market, understand your energy consumption and further reduce energy costs.

Reimagine Your Energy

VoltagePro & VoltageMarkets

The VoltagePro app gives customers access to real-time AEMO data and can alert Demand Response and spot exposed customers to high price and peak demand events. EnergyAustralia’s VoltageMarkets service helps inform the decisions of our Progressive Purchasing customers.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Adopting Sustainable Energy Solutions signals to clients, customers and stakeholders that your business is environmentally and socially responsible. Taking climate action can have a positive impact on your brand and is quickly becoming an expectation in many industries.

EnergyAustralia has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 in line with our purpose to lead and accelerate the clean energy transition for all. EnergyAustralia now offer a range of solutions enabling our large business customers make more sustainable energy choices and be an active part of the transition.

EnergyAustralia’s new Large Business Carbon Neutral Electricity product offsets the carbon emissions from generating your electricity. The carbon offsets they purchase come from climate projects in Australia and around the world. Many of these projects provide economic, social and environmental benefits to communities, in addition to offsetting carbon emissions.

For more information on EnergyAustralia’s Sustainable Energy Solutions, please read more here.


Insights Pro

EnergyAustralia provide an online, easy to access and near-to-real-time energy consumption data and cost estimates. Insights Pro can go hand in hand with your LED lighting upgrades and solar PV system monitoring. With simple to use analytical tools the platform allows you to access insights to inform, measure and optimise your energy use.

Demand Response & Progressive Purchasing

EnergyAustralia customers have access to regular events and newsletter content to keep you up to date with energy market opportunities and innovative contract solutions for your business.

Demand Response provides incentives for customers to reduce electricity consumption from the grid during periods of high demand and be rewarded for doing so. EnergyAustralia is a leader in Demand Response providing both bespoke and fixed price solutions to meet your needs.

Progressive Purchasing gives applicable customers the ability to purchase an agreed load progressively by quarter rather than having to commit to a price upfront. The simple yet secure online portal puts customers in control with transparent access to the wholesale energy market.

What’s Right For You?

Insights Pro

Understand how you use energy, before and after your energy-efficient upgrades. This goes hand in hand with your LED light upgrades, solar PV systems and battery installations.

VoltagePro & VoltageMarkets

Have your finger on the pulse with real-time AEMO data that will prompt you during high price and peak demand events to get you saving even more.

Demand Response & Progressive Purchasing

Get incentives for reducing your electricity consumption during high demand periods with Demand Response.

Progressive Purchasing gives applicable customers the ability to purchase an agreed load progressively by quarter rather than having to commit to a price upfront.

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