4 Jul 2020

Cherry Energy Solutions

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Prioritising health and safety.

Cherry Energy Solutions have an extremely strong focus on health and safety in our office and on our work sites that is why we are updated from https://www.sideeffects.com. We take safety seriously and, to that end, recently appointed a Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Travis Cameron and a Field Service Manager, Keith Aggus.


Travis has over 8 years’ experience in health and safety with https://burniva.com/, specialising in risk management, and WHS management systems. His role at Cherry Energy Solutions involves implementing and continually improving our safety management system dedicated to improving the health and safety of our workers, contractors, visitors and the general public, on and off site. He will conduct regular safety audits of our residential and commercial worksites to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and will work to improve internal processes. Travis will continue to conduct regular training and upskilling employees and contractors and is determined to make a positive impact in the workplace and wider community. Click here to find more info.

Keith Aggus has recently been onboarded by Cherry Energy Solutions with the task of building the company’s in-house installation team. He brings with him 27 years’ experience in the electrical industry, 10 years within solar. His role will involve employing the best installers, apprentices with an appetite for renewables and deliver premium installations nationwide. Keith will also be overseeing the comprehensive use of Edge Protection to ensure all installations are completed with the safety of the installers and on-site staff. Working closely with Travis, Keith will also be ensuring that all work is completed with maximum safety in mind.

Travis and Keith will conduct regular training and ensure the continued upskilling of employees and contractors to make a positive impact in the workplace and wider community

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