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Potentially still in the medium sized business category and depending on the size of the building and energy usage, 50kW solar PV systems are usually suited to office buildings, retailers, primary schools, clubs, hospitality venues and other establishments that use around 350kWh per day.

Systems this size qualify for Small Scale Technology Certificates or STC’s under the federal government Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This means you get an upfront reduction in the cost of purchasing a solar system under 100kW. The value of STC’s go up and down with market rates and depend on availability and whether or not a company has purchased STC’s at the high end of the market or the low end of the market.

50kw solar systems
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System Design


Our team is dedicated to match the aesthetics of your system to your needs. This can range from black panels, frameless panels or an arrangement to keep the system hidden from view on the street. These can be discussed in further detail with your energy consultant.

How long will my system last?

50 kW Solar PV systems are made up of panels and inverters. Tier 1 reputable panels have performance warranties of 25 years and product warranties of 12-25 years (depending on the brand) and inverters can have warranties of 10 years +.

System Output


Depending on the Watt of the panels (or modules) will depend on how many you need. The higher the Watt of the panel, the less panels you will need. If each panel Watt is 330kW, you would need 151 panels.

Product quality

Cherry Energy Solutions only use Tier 1, quality photovoltaic panels (or modules) and inverters that have the best reputations in the market as well as Australian warranties.

System Cost


Your savings will vary depending on the size of your system, your current energy consumption, electricity rates and when you use your energy.

Payback duration

The payback duration depends on whether you pay cash up front, take out a chattel mortgage, Energy Upgrade Finance, lease or PPA.

Best Suited to:

Smaller schools including Primary Schools, smaller government buildings (including community centres) and businesses that don’t use much electricity such as warehouses, transport and logistics bays, storage facilities and more.


Small-Scale Generation Certificates help subsidise the cost of solar systems around the 50kW benchmark. In addition, government incentives will contribute to increasing your ROI.

Let’s get started with your project the professional way

Reimagine savings.


Case Studies

Cherry Projects.

These systems, around the 50kW benchmark, have contributed to large financial, energy and carbon savings. These businesses have installed an asset on their roof that will be bringing them savings for decades to come. 


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