Commercial Solar Systems

Now’s The Time for a Solar Energy Solution

As one of Australia’s leading commercial solar system providers, Cherry Energy Solutions can help reduce energy costs, increase commercial sustainability, and help your business achieve energy freedom.

By investing in a solar PV system for your business, you can expect a great return on investment and gain control of your energy costs. You will offset peak demand electricity rates, and consolidate your business commitment to the environment.

Cherry Energy Solutions are a member of the Clean Energy Council and are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

We have installed over 40MW of commercial solar throughout Australia for the government, education institutions, manufacturing industries, industrial workplaces and a wide range of commercial enterprises. With electricity prices continuing to rise, you can rely on efficient commercial solar energy to dramatically reduce operating costs while providing a green energy alternative.

Free Onsite Solar Inspection

Book an inspection with one of our experienced solar technicians.
Our expert team will provide an in-depth assessment of your business’ suitability for solar and how it could significantly reduce your energy spend.

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Why Commercial Solar?

Solar energy should be a pillar of business sustainability programs, providing a range of commercial solar benefits including:

Reducing energy costs has become a significant challenge for businesses across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Solar energy is an extremely economical and green alternative to expensive traditional power generation from the grid.

The Process

Our commercial solar consultants conduct a full assessment of your facility’s electricity consumption profile, including your current and future electricity tariffs and take into consideration the suitability of your business for commercial solar power. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your solar investment at no cost and obligation free.


  • Request a free, no-obligation consultation with a Cherry Energy Efficiency Consultant.
  • One of our solar power experts will conduct a site inspection of your business premises to determine the viability of installing a Cherry Solar Power System.
  • Receive a personalised and detailed Solar Proposal, including a financial summary with investment, payback options and returns.
  • Choose the upfront or payment plan options.
  • Let us handle the formalities.
  • An CEC accredited, expert electrical team will install and certify your new industrial solar system.
  • Start putting money back in your pocket by generating your own clean energy solar system.


How much is your roof worth? Calculate in 60 seconds!

Your roof is your biggest asset and can be used to dramatically reduce your energy costs.
We have developed a tool where you can calculate how much energy a solar system on your roof can produce.

The calculator is quick and easy to use. Simply enter your businesses address and trace an outline of your roof using the tool.

From this, it will calculate the number of panels on your roof, the total energy your system can produce and the value of energy produced.

Workplace Health & Safety

Our solar installation staff all undertake training in our Workplace Safety Management System as a part of our quality assurance and guarantee.

We can provide an engineering certificate if appropriate or deemed necessary. Risks associated with roof-mounted solar array systems and their impact on your building and finances should be taken into account. Being aware of these critical factors will help to maximise your return on investment and minimise the risk of damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Our solar installation staff have all completed competency-based safety training in Working at Heights. They are provided with required PPE kits necessary for performing their duties and are made available for site orientation. Work method statements can also be supplied on request.


All works performed by Cherry Energy Solutions are in accordance with required industry codes of conduct, building codes, local government and legislative requirements. All supplied systems, components and equipment comply with Clean Energy Council guidelines and all relevant Australian Standards.

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