Craigieburn Junction Large Format Shopping Centre
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Craigieburn Junction (CJ) is a new large format shopping destination for residents in Craigieburn and surrounding suburbs.

1,255 MWh generated annually

1,280 tonnes CO2 reduced annually


Increasing energy costs compelled CJ to utilise their 21,000sqm of rooftop space to offset some of their energy use by installing solar. After a competitive procurement process, Cherry Energy Solutions were selected on the basis of quality, experience, cost effective pricing and reliability, with the backing of EnergyAustralia.


It was pivotal that the installation did not heavily affect their customer’s shopping experience during operational hours. An additional challenge lay in the installation taking place during COVID-19 restrictions that impacted stock imports and workforce on site.


Strict planning in collaboration with CJ ensured minimal disruptions to operations. COVID-19 restrictions had reduced traffic to CJ, allowing for a quicker installation process. Despite having to work under restrictions that were continuously evolving, the 1MW solar PV system was installed on schedule and to CJ’s satisfaction.

CJ is now home to a enormous solar PV system that will save more than 1,359 tonnes of carbon emissions and generate 1,332MWh per annum. These savings will be reflected in a $227,920 reduction in electricity costs annually, benefiting tenants and helping CJ reduce it’s impact on the environment, which has become important now, more than ever.


Annual savings

1,280 tonnes

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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