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Established in 1992, Gazzola Farms is a locally owned and operated vegetable growing company based on the Mornington Peninsula. Gazzola Farms produces only high quality produce for local, interstate and international markets year round. As part of their sustainability initiative, Gazzola Farms is, at time of publication, working closely with the Enviroveg program for environmental certification, following their recent solar PV installation with Cherry Energy Solutions.

Gazzola Farms were interested in becoming greener, and offsetting energy needs with renewable energy was a big step towards achieving their goals. It was crucial the solar retailer and installer chosen needed to deliver within budget and timelines provided.


Cherry recommended a 250kW solar PV system that would generate 40% of their energy needs. After speaking with a Business Development Manager and understanding Cherry’s capabilities, Gazzola Farms chose Cherry and were very pleased with the installation completed within budget and on time.

Gazzola Farms is now home to a solar PV system consisting of 665 x 375W Q CELLS Q.Peak panels and 3 x 50kW and 2 x 30kW Huawei inverters. The system is expected to generate 303,285kWh each year, save 388 tonnes of carbon emissions annually and provide lifetime savings of $1,751,914!

303,285 kWh

Generated annually

388 tonnes

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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