30 Sep 2022

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What Solar System Size Is Right for My Business?

If you’re looking to save on electricity costs and reduce your business’ carbon footprint, investing in commercial solar panels might be the way to go. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell how many panels you will need, especially with system sizes ranging from under 30kW to over 500kW.

When you break down the individual solar energy options for commercial buildings, it is much easier to estimate what size you’ll need to meet your energy needs.

Understanding Your Energy Needs

Before you start thinking about the potential size of your solar array, it is important to understand your energy needs. Regardless of what size solar system you require for your business, there’s an option for everyone. Cherry Energy Solutions can provide a solution tailored to your business and its circumstances.

With various financing options, including purchase, leasing, and solar power purchase agreements, there has never been a better time to upgrade your business with solar panels.

30kW to 99kW Solar Systems

For a medium-sized business that consumes a moderate amount of energy, your solar system is most likely going to fall within the range of 30kW to 99kW. Smaller businesses will be unlikely to need more than 30kW.

This commercial solar panel size is generally suitable for businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Projects Cherry Energy Solutions have worked on in this range include IBIS and the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. Office buildings, primary schools and retailers will usually be looking to install something closer to a 50 kW solar system.

Systems of this size will qualify for small-scale technology certificates, helping reduce the upfront costs of installation. 

100kW Solar Systems

For larger office buildings, medium-sized factories, hotels and large schools, a 100kW system or greater (up to 250kW) is expected to be suitable. Systems of this size are most commonly found on shopping districts, government buildings, nursing homes, and the likes. Those with the greatest consumption also have the greatest potential for saving significant amounts of money on their energy costs each year.

250kW+ Solar Systems

Solar systems of 250kW and over require substantial roof space, making them suitable for businesses such as factories, large commercial offices, manufacturing companies, major shopping centres and industrial sites. A 250kW solar system is eligible for large-scale generation certificates, potentially providing your business with another source of revenue over the years. 

Businesses with particularly high energy demands can have solar systems installed well above 500kW. Solar system installations of this size can be complicated, and require the expertise of experienced solar power professionals, such as the team at Cherry Energy Solutions.

Plan for the Future of Your Business Today

While the examples above are purely examples and your business needs can differ, Cherry Energy Solutions is here to help you plan for the future and start saving on energy costs. Our solar panel calculator will give you an idea of how many panels the roof of your building can fit.

If you’re ready to get started on the path to a better future for your business and the planet, get in touch with the Cherry Energy Solutions team on 1300 570 886 or complete our online contact form to hear back from us soon.