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Part of the world renowned Accor Hotel Group, IBIS Redcliffe, WA were interested in reducing their operating costs and becoming more sustainable. Operating 24 hours a day, the large site in Redcliffe was using an enormous amount of energy and sought to reduce their consumption with more energy efficient solutions.

$13,850 saved annually

46,000kWh generated annually


IBIS Redcliffe wanted a company with a solid reputation in the commercial solar industry and subsequently contacted Energy Action, who commissioned Cherry Energy Solutions to install a solar system to cover the majority of their peak energy consumption.


IBIS Redcliffe installed a 29.15kW solar PV system made up of 110x 265W solar panels. The system will generate approximately 46,000kWh of energy every year, equivalent to $13,850. In addition, the system will save the business over 40,000 kg CO2 per annum.

IBIS Redcliffe will see a dramatic reduction in their energy bills, a rapid return on their investment and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. With solar, they have protected their business against rising electricity prices and now have access to free, clean energy from the sun.

40,000kg CO2

Reduced annually


Solar PV system

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