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Xavier College was established in 1878 and is one of the oldest Catholic schools in Australia, belonging to a network of over 2,000 Jesuit educational institutions.

$21,000 saved annually

125,000 kWh generated annually

The Challenge.

As part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s (AYCC) Repower Our Schools programme, both students, staff and the wider community at Xavier were interested in joining the sustainability movement and reducing the school’s environmental footprint with solar at their Senior Campus in Kew, Victoria.

The Solution.

Cherry obtained an engineering report to design and install a 99kW solar system made up of 258 high wattage SunPower solar panels to maximise energy production and 4 Fronius inverters. The school is now saving over $21,000 per annum, 125,000 kWh and a whopping 155,450 kg CO2.

In addition, sustainability and understanding the benefits of solar energy have been fully integrated into the school’s curriculum. This has been achieved with the help of Cherry’s education support materials such as the installation of a touch screen energy monitoring system.


Solar system

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