Wellington Reserve Community Centre
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In their efforts to lead the sustainability charge, Monash City Council (MCC) sought to establish a demonstration site at the Wellington Reserve Community Centre, where residents and businesses could visit and learn about the environmental and financial benefits of clean energy like solar. Upon consultation with Ecosave, their energy advisor, WRCC installed a 10kW solar PV system and battery storage with their partners, Cherry Energy Solutions.

As a communal space, the inverter and battery storage needed to be securely protected to ensure the safety of visitors. Aesthetics of the system were also important as the roof line is visible from the street.


A custom-built powder-coated inverter and battery cage was designed and now serves to prevent unauthorised access whilst ensuring adequate airflow. The Cherry team worked in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders during the design phase to ensure the outcome was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A screen installed in the centre allows visitors and staff to view the solar production, site consumption and battery charge in real-time, thanks to Enphase Envoy. The WRCC is proud to be fully accessible and now environmentally sustainable in MCC. Their system is now saving $3,178 and 12,915kWh annually while educating the Monash City community around the benefits of clean energy!


Annual savings

16 tonnes

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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