Vulcan Steel
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Vulcan Steel specialise in steel distribution and the processing of steel coil, plate and long products.

$81,200 saved annually

More than 226,000 kWh saved annually


Across their sites, weekly operating hours are upwards of 65 and with metal halide and fluorescent light fittings covering their warehouses, Vulcan were especially interested in the opportunity to become more energy efficient.

With large areas of the warehouse spaces used infrequently during the night shift, Cherry were tasked with designing a lighting upgrade customised to suit Vulcan’s needs


Cherry began with an LED lighting upgrade at Vulcan’s site in Smithfield, New South Wales. Over 100 lights were upgraded, involving the installation of IP65 rated LED highbays with motion and daylight harvesting sensors in the warehouse areas. The lighting upgrade is now saving the Smithfield site more than $33,000 per annum, equivalent to saving more than 226,000 kWh.

After the success of the upgrade in New South Wales, Cherry upgraded a further 300 lights at Vulcan’s site in Dandenong, Victoria and installed a 99.36kW solar system. The LED and solar upgrade in Dandenong is now saving Vulcan an additional $48,000 per annum, bringing total annual savings up to $81,200! Over the lifetime of the new LED lights and solar system, Vulcan will save $851,105, a fantastic result for all involved.


In lifetime savings


LED lights upgraded

43,038kg CO2

Saved annually

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