Ultra Tune Preston
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Preston Ultra Tune provides a full range of automotive care, general servicing, tyres and log book servicing to private car and fleet car owners in the North East suburbs of Melbourne.

$2,094 saved annually

9,965kg CO2 reduced annually


As a company with a number of sustainability initiatives already in place, they were looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint further. At the same time, automotive workshops tend to have limited natural light and Ultra Tune Preston’s large workshop space requires high lux levels in order to ensure maximum levels of service, so upgrading to LED lights was the perfect solution to save money and improve the working environment.


We replaced the old 400W metal halide highbays with 150W ZETTA LED highbays and at the same time, the old 42W T8 Tube fittings were replaced with 15W FORTIS LED T8 Tubes, reducing Ultra
Tune’s energy expenditure on lighting by 64%.

In addition to the energy savings, which are equivalent to more than $1,600 per annum, Ultra Tune Preston are saving more than $400 per annum in maintenance costs, due to the extended lifetime of their new LED lights. As part of the City of Darebin’s Light$mart program, Ultra Tune were also eligible for a $1,000 subsidy towards the cost of the project!


Return on investment


Subsidy from Darebin City Council’s Light$mart program

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