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Australian Glass Group (AGG) manufacture and supply high performance double glazing for sustainable buildings. The building owners of AGG’s head office in Knoxfield, APN Property who proactively initiate reduction in emissions across their property portfolio (read more here), strategised with AGG on reducing their energy costs through clean and energy efficient solutions. They created an addendum to the existing lease to save on energy costs and recover project expenses with an agreed ROI.

At the initial site inspection, it was found that the roof of the building had minor engineering issues and needed professional verification of its ability to support the proposed new solar PV system.


To maximise dollar and carbon emission savings, Cherry recommended a full lighting upgrade to littil LED lights and a 632kW solar PV system comprising of 1,580 Trina Tallmax 400W panels and 18 Fronius Eco and Eco Lite inverters.

Cherry organised an engineering roof assessment to ensure it was able to withstand the weight of the solar system and that the safety of building and staff unaffected.

AGG were the very first company to claim Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) for a solar PV system (instead of LGCs) under the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme. The high value of VEECs reduced the upfront cost of the system and payback period significantly and increased the ROI of the project.

AGG is expected to save nearly $147,000, 980,000kWh and 1,062 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, making them a more energy efficient, cleaner and greener company.


Annual savings

1,062 tonnes

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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