Nowra Farmers Market
Commercial | Retail

Nowra Farmer’s Market in NSW has sustainability at the core of its business and was interested in reducing their electricity bills.

$5,500 saved annually

30,000 kWh saved annually


The market contacted Eutility who commissioned Cherry Energy Solutions to conduct an LED lighting assessment to upgrade their high energy-consuming light fittings.


Cherry Energy Solutions recommended upgrading the lights to LED throughout the market. A combination of 120W LED Highbays, LED Triproof lights, LED Floodlights and LED Troffers were installed in the main marketplace, office and deli/back-of-house areas. The IP65 rated Highbays, Triproofs and  Floodlights were ideal for the refrigerated areas.

By upgrading just 60 lights, Nowra Farmers Market will save 30,000 kWh per annum, which is equal to more than $4,400 per annum. In addition, the lights have an extended lifetime of more than 50,000hrs which will reduce the market’s maintenance costs by more than $1,100 every year, while improving the retail environment and highlighting the vibrant colours of the produce in-store.

38,722 kg CO2

Reduced annually


Reduction in lighting spend

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