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McColl’s Transport is Australia’s largest independent bulk liquid carrier of milk, food and bulk chemicals, with the country’s most modern and specialised food grade and chemical tanker trucks spread over 14 depots

$156,639 saved annually

427,900kg CO2 reduced annually


McColl’s Transport chose Cherry Energy Solutions as their partner in sustainability to help reduce electricity bills across their three major sites in Tongala, Altona and Geelong. As an initial first step, Cherry recommended upgrading more than 500 of McColl’s lights to LED. McColl’s lighting energy usage was immediately reduced by 61%, equivalent to saving more than 216,000 kg CO2 per annum.


As the next step in their journey towards energy freedom, McColl’s invested in over 126kW of solar PV across their three sites. The new solar systems will generate energy valued at approximately $132,466 per annum for the next 25 years. With STCs at an all time high, McColl’s received an upfront discount of more than $84,000 towards the cost of their new solar systems.

In total, McColl’s Transport are now saving more than $156,000 per annum by reducing their energy expenditure through LED lighting and generating their own clean energy from the sun.


Solar PV system


LED lights upgraded

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