Junee Correctional Centre
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Junee is New South Wales’ largest regional correction centre. Run by the Geo Group, its primary role is to safely and securely house its 790 prisoners. It also seeks to progress sentence plans by delivering a comprehensive range of educational, training, vocational and cognitive-behavioural programs.

$10,000 saved in maintenance costs annually

More than 4,500 LED lights upgraded


Requirements to bid for the tender for the lighting retrofit of the facility included:

  1. Being certified under the NSW Energy Saver Scheme (ESS)
  2. Having a structured and broad warranty scheme
  3. Being able to conduct the installation under a tight time frame
  4. Being fully accredited under Australian quality standards

Junee was spending over $81,000 on electricity for lighting annually. The LED lighting makeover was a crucial step in improving the accommodation facilities, classrooms and administration areas. As well as dramatically cutting costs on their lighting bill, the correctional centre environment was also improved.


More than 4,500 x 36W fluorescent lamps were replaced with 15W LED T8 Tubes. Significant secondary OH&S improvements in lighting lux levels were achieved, reaching and exceeding
the minimum Australian lighting standards by an average of 250%.

12 months after installation, there were no light failures reported. Junee saves replacing 800 – 1,000 tubes per year and over $10,000 in maintenance costs as well as enjoying the peace of mind of a consistent warranty period.

The GEO Group noted in particular that the LED lighting is far better suited to the camera recording environment. This is an important point for security considerations and was a welcome addition by the camera technicians.

Suited for camera recording environments


Return on investment

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