Independent Education Union NSW/ACT
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The Independent Education Union (IEU) NSW/ACT provides representation and support to members and ensures the wider education community are being heard on relevant policies and concerns. Having recognised the dramatic impact solar has on savings and environment, IEU NSW/ACT were interested in investing in a solar asset for their roof.

$15,312 saved annually

67.5 tonnes CO2 reduced annually


Unfortunately, there lay several challenges during the planning of the installation. The available roof space was limited and restricted the total system size. The design of the roof also meant that installers had to work next to a live edge, posing a significant health and safety risk.


Cherry installed 170 powerful 410W Sunpower panels and 2 Fronius inverters to maximise generation and output from the limited roof surface area. Edge Protection was erected to keep installers and staff safe during the entire installation, an essential requirement when working within 2 meters of a live edge. Cherry were chosen for our commitment to the customer experience and providing the best solution to satisfy their needs. IEU’s new 68.85kW solar PV system will save them $15,312 and generate 83MWh each year. They will also mitigate emissions by 67.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to removing more than 33 tonnes of coal burned!

83,000 kWh

Total energy reduction

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