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With a wide-ranging presence across the nation, IGA operates 1,400 independently owned stores that are retrofitted with ranges and brands popular among their local community. Not a stranger to corporate social responsibility, IGA Heathcote boasts a history of supporting local suppliers, schools and events. Building on this, the store was interested in reducing their carbon footprint and large energy consumption from the constant operation of refrigeration equipment.

$21,000 saved annually

95 tonnes CO2 reduced annually


As a partner with Energy Action (their energy consultants) and a track record of successful solar PV installations in IGA Long Gully and Inglewood stores, Cherry Energy Solutions was approached to facilitate IGA Heathcote’s transition to renewable solar energy.

In addition to the solar PV system installation, the Heathcote site were undergoing construction on their new roof structure. This meant a number of teams operating on different tasks on the same roof and switchboard.


Seamless collaboration with the other teams was essential in ensuring the safety of all individuals working on the roof. This included heavy coordination between teams carrying out different tasks on the same switchboard. In addition, independent structural engineering reports and a unique solar racking interface were built to accommodate the new roof structure that now houses 360 x 275 QCell Panels and 3 x 27kW Fronius Inverters.

Delivered and completed ahead of schedule, their new 99kW system will now generate reliable clean energy and save IGA Heathcote $21,000, 125,000kWh and 95 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.


generated annually


Solar PV system


Reduced emissions equivalent to seedlings planted

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