Echuca Library
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A significant cultural, educational and social centre, Campaspe Regional Library at Echuca is an open and welcoming space for the community and visitors alike.

$31,213 saved annually

130,252 kWh generated annually


Council assessed the suitability of numerous facilities to receive a solar PV system and selected Echuca Regional Library as the priority site to showcase council’s commitment to reducing its energy footprint to the community.

Planning for the installation on the north facing roof, coupled with the need to include bird proofing mesh to ensure the panels could not be damaged by flocks of thousands of corellas, posed a unique challenge for the Cherry Energy Solutions team.


With the site specific safety aspects in mind, Cherry Energy Solutions developed three different design solutions and worked closely with a local contractor to redesign new anchor points for the north facing roof.

The chosen system included an impressive 99.36kW of solar as well as a monitoring system and touch screen television situated inside the library showing a live feed of the daily output and savings.

The library will save an estimated $31,213 and produce approximately 130,252kWh in their first year.


Solar PV system


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