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BMW, a well-known and trusted automotive brand, are heavily invested in sustainability and environmental initiatives. Looking to contribute to BMW’s carbon emission reduction targets, Berwick BMW decided to look into renewable energy and install solar on their newly constructed dealership. Berwick BMW chose Cherry after reviewing a number of solar companies and finding the best value with Cherry. We provided a straight-forward proposal that made the complex, easy.

In preparing for a future with electric cars, Berwick BMW were looking to reduce their electricity load and invest in a renewable energy source that could power electric cars without a large reliance on the grid.


The 99kW solar PV system, consisting of 242 Trina panels and 3 Fronius inverters, will generate 124MWh each year and provides a sustainable solution to partially offset electrical consumption of electric vehicles in the future.

On top of large energy savings, the system will save Berwick BMW $22,621 and 126,402 kg CO2 annually with estimated emissions savings equivalent to the life of 2,090 seedlings planted over 10 years!


Annual savings

126,402 kg

Carbon emissions reduced annually


Solar PV system

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