Tesla Battery


Store excess electricity generated by your solar system with a premium Tesla Powerpack, provided by Cherry Energy Solutions as a Certified Installer.


  • Peak Energy Cost Shaving
  • Power Load Shifting
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • Demand Response

Energy Capacity 95 kWh (AC) 100 kWh (DC)
Peak Power 50 kW
Depth of Discharge 100%
Weight 1,720 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1321 x 966 x 2185 mm
Efficiency (DC) 91% round-trip (2hr system)
93% round-trip (4hr system)


Tesla Powerpacks are a state of the art AC-connected energy storage system, designed to drastically reduce your energy costs by avoiding peak time energy prices.

These modular battery storage Powerpacks can scale to meet the requirements of any commercial site, regardless of power and energy requirements.

From smaller commercial businesses to massive regional utilities, these Powerpack energy storage solutions are designed for efficiency and longevity.

This turn-key solution is a fully-integrated and AC-connected solution with everything you need.

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