SunPower Solar Panels

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SunPower is a world leader in the solar industry with over 30-years in the industry and a cutting-edge approach to sustainability.


SunPower® E-Series Panels | E20

The SunPower E20 Panels are built around Maxeon® all back- contact solar cells: their unique design captures and converts more sunlight into electricity than conventional cells.

  • Highest Efficiency

Providing up to 20 % efficiency, Maxeon cells produce more power over the same area when compared to competing solar technologies. The E-20 is the ideal solution for space-constrained roofs.

  • High Performance

Delivers excellent performance in real-world conditions, such as high temperatures, clouds and low light.


SunPower® Performance Series Panels | P17

The Performance Series panel uses a new solar cell interconnection technique that generates more power compared to conventional commercial panels.

  • Ideal for Unconstrained Spaces

The Performance Series is uniquely well-suited to larger spaces. Because of its unique internal circuit, the P-Series panel is less susceptible to conditions where there’s shade or dirt on the panel.

  • 13% More Power

The Performance Series design minimizes white space between solar cells, eliminates reflective metal lines on the cells, and lowers electrical resistance between cells, increasing efficiency compared to Conventional Commercial Panels.

  • Increased Energy

Landscape orientation maintains energy production during morning and evening row-to-row shading (or dusty conditions), generating more energy than conventional panels.

  • SunPower’s Quality

Tested to SunPower’s rigorous quality standards, and backed by the industry’s best Combined Product and Power Warranty.

  • High Reliability

Innovative panel design uses flexible and redundant electrical connections between solar cells to deliver enhanced reliability.

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