Solar Panels

SunPower is a world leader in the solar industry with over 30-years in the industry and a cutting-edge approach to sustainability.

SunPower’s robust panel portfolio offers an impressive range of powerful solutions, each designed for optimal performance, maximum savings and long-term reliability. And since SunPower is a Tier 1 Manufacturer1 with nearly 35 years of solar expertise, this product will provide peace of mind for decades to come.


SunPower® Maxeon Series

As the most efficient solar panel in the industry for more than 10 years 1, SunPower Maxeon panels generate more power from the same roof than conventional panels, delivering up to 35% more energy from the same space over the first 25 years.

  • Leader in high efficiency modules
  • Leader in the lowest warranted degradation rates
  • Leader in durability with a 40-year useful lifespan

SunPower® Performance Series Panels

SunPower Performance solar panels combine conventional cells with 35 years of materials and manufacturing expertise to deliver panels that surpass the performance, reliability and aesthetics of Conventional Panels 1.

  • Conductive adhesives developed for aerospace reinforce cell connections to withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings.
  • Redundant cell connections mitigate the impacts of cell cracks on power output by creating flexible paths for electricity flow.
  • Proprietary encapsulants protect cells and minimize degradation from environmental exposure.


All SunPower residential and commercial panels are backed by the industry-leading 25-year coverage of the SunPower our Complete Confidence Panel Warranty1.

Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time and reinforced by extensive third-party testing and field data from more than 35 million panels deployed worldwide to ensure you get the best warranty available, and complete peace of mind.


SunPower Performance Panels

High Power  Enhanced active area and mono PERC cells optimize power density while lowering system costs.

High Performance  Up to 27% more energy in the same space over 25 years. Unique parallel circuitry maximizes energy production during morning and evening row-to-row shading, or when panels become soiled.

High-Reliability  SunPower Performance Panels are the most deployed shingled solar panel in the world. Innovative cell shingling mitigates the leading reliability challenges associated with conventional front contact panels by designing out fragile ribbons and solder bonds on the cells.

SunPower’s Performance Line is warranted to produce more than 97.5% power in the first year, then declining by 0.5% per year, ending at 85.5% power after 25 years.




SunPower Maxeon Modules

Maximum Power. Minimalist Design.  Industry-leading efficiency means more power and savings per available space. With fewer panels required, less is truly more.

Highest Lifetime Energy and Savings  Designed to deliver 55% more energy in the same space over 25 years in real-world conditions like partial shade and high temperatures.

Better Reliability, Better Warranty  With more than 25 million panels deployed around the world, SunPower technology is proven to last. That’s why we stand behind our panel with an exceptional 25-year  combined Power and Product Warranty, including the highest Power Warranty in solar.


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