Cherry Pulse – Commercial Energy Monitoring

Cherry Pulse is the latest, state of the art, intelligent energy monitoring system from Cherry Energy Solutions. Cherry Pulse allows you to monitor and control how your business is consuming electricity, in real time, making it easy to stay in control of your energy spend by managing energy usage at a circuit and appliance level, using actual energy tariffs.

Cherry Pulse is at the forefront of technological developments in energy monitoring and customer-centric presentation. It’s part of Cherry Energy Solutions’ innovative new product development, with advances in sensors and smart technology. Our efficient energy management solutions are unparalleled in Australia’s energy industry.

Free Onsite Energy Audit

Book an audit of your energy monitoring requirements. Our experienced technicians provide a comprehensive breakdown of your business facility, energy bill, service provider and how best to monitor energy usage.

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What can you do with Cherry Pulse?


Track circuits & appliances

Understand the major uses of energy in real-time, identify wastage and spot faulty devices


Time-of-use tracking

Understand when appliances and embedded generation were in use


Real-time spend tracking

See a real-time estimate of your energy bill using your actual tariff


Track baseline, actual and forecast

Explain performance of energy management strategies and forecast likely outcomes


Set budget alerts by device

Monitor whole of site or specific circuits, appliances or embedded generation


Set-and-forget control

Schedule appliances and devices to run at the most optimal time and even restrict use to better manage spend


Track a portfolio of sites

Track usage, even compare appliances, across a portfolio of sites, in real-time


Accurate sub-billing

Create new revenue by on-selling grid electricity & embedded generation to tenants

Cherry Pulse for Schools

Cherry Pulse offers schools the opportunity to incorporate renewable energy monitoring and management into their curriculum. Having real-time access to Cherry Pulse’s intelligent system allows students to interact with, and see how energy consumption from LED lights compares to conventional lights, and learn how energy from the sun is powering their school. Our smart energy monitoring system presents students with easy-to-understand information and gives kids the ability to drill down to the details and analyse the data, as part of their learning.
Click here to see one school’s experience with Cherry Pulse

Cherry Pulse for Business

The best way for your business to use energy in a cost-effective way is to monitor and control ongoing usage. Cherry Energy Solutions’ experienced engineers will work with you to find the best solution, not only to save you money and energy, but to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. We understand how busy you are, and we want you to have the least amount of information needed to make optimum decisions. Cherry Pulse’s commercial energy monitoring system presents key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports, to allow quick decision making regarding energy usage.

Go the Extra Mile

Cherry Pulse goes beyond electricity monitoring. It can also intelligently monitor water, temperature, movement and more! Cherry Energy Solutions’ technology is intelligent enough to connect many sensors and device types, and scales to suit the needs of the business. The system can be as macro (many buildings) or micro (many devices) as required. For intelligent energy monitoring and reporting, choose Cherry Pulse from Cherry Energy Solutions. Visit our contact page to fill out an enquiry form or call today on 1300 740 784.

To see cherry pulse in action, click here

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