Racking System

A solar mounting system – either rooftop or ground-mounted – is an integral feature of any solar installation, particularly for photovoltaic (PV) projects.  For that reason, we are proud to install SunLock as our premium solution.

The SunLock Commercial Range is packed with features and benefits to help maximise the energy yields from your roof space.  Coupled with a 25-year warranty, this product will provide a trouble-free installation over the life of your system and allow for easy expansion into the future.




Commercial Racking Features:

Fast – Saves on installation times.

Compliant – Certified by Gamcorp Structural Consultants, a registered structural engineer.

Durable – SunLock is 6000 series aluminium (predominantly 6005-T5 UNO) which has a 25+ year service life under Australian conditions, even without anodising.

Adaptable – SunLocks allows for greater roof utilisation and yields as it can be installed in edge zones.


Cherry Energy Solutions uses globally renowned mounting gear solutions, universally recognised for their high quality, innovative design and ease of deployment.

All SunLock products are fast to install, compliant with relevant standards(including AS/NZS1170.2.2011) and are covered by a 25 year warranty for all products.

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