Ballarat Health Services
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Ballarat Health Services provide a comprehensive range of health services including acute, sub-acute and allied health, psychiatric services, aged residential care and community based services for the Ballarat and Grampians regional communities.

$39,021 saved annually

197,525kWh saved annually


The Challenge.

With long operating hours, Ballarat Health Services were interested in upgrading their high energy consumption lighting with LED bulbs to reduce electricity costs. The upgrade also

improved the clinic’s environment and patient comfort, a pivotal consideration for Ballarat Health Services.

The Solution.

In total, an impressive 1,600 LED lights were installed across Ballarat Health Services’ buildings. Cherry was the perfect choice for the project with our lights designed and engineered in Australia for use specifically in medical environments.

Ballarat Health Services can now look forward to 197,525kWh in savings, equating to $39,021 and 156,783kg in reduced carbon emissions annually.


LED lights

156,783 kg CO2

Reduced annually

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