14 Oct 2022

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Industrial Solar Power Systems

The transition away from traditional and more costly forms of energy to an industrial solar power system is one of the main ways businesses are reducing overheads in a landscape of continual rising energy costs.

Industrial businesses with large warehouses or factories can benefit significantly from large solar installs, as they have potential to minimise the reliance on using grid electricity to power heavy machinery and lighting.

Owners of large commercial offices, food processing sites, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities, plants and more, can drastically reduce energy costs by investing in solar solutions that have 25 year performance warranties.

Industrial Scale Solutions 

In a rapidly evolving alternative energy sector, there are now a variety of ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise the environmental impacts of production.

Most industrial sites can easily make the switch to LED lighting, which is much less power-intensive than traditional lighting and requires far less maintenance. LED lights have a much greater lifespan than regular halogen lights, thereby reducing the need to replace them on a regular basis.

Depending on the size of the business, large solar systems such as the 250kW solar system and the 500 kW solar system can provide a number of benefits to help ensure maximise return on investment (ROI).

250kW Solar Systems

250kW solar systems not only significantly reduce energy costs and minimise environmental impacts, they can also be a source of additional revenue for years after installation.

This is because solar systems greater than 100kW may be eligible to receive large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) from the Federal Government, meaning business owners will be in possession of certificates that can be sold to energy retailers.

Cherry Energy Solutions has installed a number of 250kw solar systems for industrial and manufacturing businesses, including Medical Developments International (MDI). The installation of a 245kW large-scale solar PV system has helped MDI generate 313,452KWH and save $75,000 per year in addition to drastically reducing the business’ CO2 emissions.

500kW+ Solar Systems

Industries with massive power requirements that also have a significant amount of ground or roof space and a monthly electricity spend of over $30,000 per month will benefit from installing a 500kW+ solar system. Also supported by the Federal Government’s LGC incentive program, 500kW+ solar systems have potential for strong returns well into the future.

Understanding the benefits of solar, Covino Farms sought out Cherry Energy Solutions to install a massive 783.9kW solar PV system to mitigate the drastic effects of climate change on the agricultural sector. In addition to achieving their goal, the use of solar energy will save Covino Farms approximately $189,439 in the long term.

Other Industrial Solutions

There are also a number of other energy solutions that businesses can benefit from, including the use of solar storage batteries and energy monitoring.

Businesses that have invested in solar power can store excess energy in solar batteries, for use at night or during the times of day where there is little sun. This results in savings by minimising the reliance on grid power and utilising more self-generated energy.

Fortunately there is also a solution for industrial business owners who aren’t ready to utilise solar energy but are eager to reduce energy costs where possible. Cherry Energy Solutions provides an energy monitoring service that gives real-time information on the ways your sites use power. By using a commercial energy monitor, businesses will be able to identify areas that are drawing the most energy and make changes accordingly.


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