26 Aug 2021

Cherry Energy Solutions

How solar power benefits your business

As solar energy grows in popularity, you’ve probably found yourself wondering if solar power is the right move for your business. To help you with your decision, there are two main questions that you need to ask.

  • Does my business use most of its energy between 9am – 5pm?
  • Do I want to reduce my energy costs and carbon emissions?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, installing solar panels would be beneficial to your business.

An investment in solar should be considered as a strategic decision that can provide a fantastic financial return for your business. Australians are currently among the highest electricity payers in the world. Commercial solar panels make it significantly easier to reduce your business’s electricity bill. While there is an initial cost associated with the installation of solar panels, there are many government incentives and grants that reduce the initial investment making it easier for Australian businesses to opt for clean, renewable energy such as a solar PV system. There are also different finance options, including some that can provide a cash flow positive solution.

Along with businesses, consumers are also becoming a lot more environmentally aware and care about socially responsible business practices. Taking the step to install solar panels will show consumers your business’s commitment to lowering CO2 emissions and doing your bit for the environment.

The best Panel & Products for your requirements

Cherry Energy Solutions only provide Tier 1, Clean Energy Council  approved products for our government, educational, commercial or industrial clients. The efficiency and estimated energy production of these commercial solar PV systems is analysed and provided in an easy to understand proposal which also includes other benefits, pay back periods and return on investment.

The heart of Risen Energy is in manufacturing PV products for the residential and commercial market. Risen Energy was founded in 1986 and has since become one of the pioneers in the solar industry with a strong commitment to manufacturing solar products, and investing in research and development. Risen Energy continues to grow internationally with offices in multiple countries, including an Australian office that was established in 2008. Risen panels have a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

With over 30 years in the solar panel industry, SunPower has become a world leader in solar panels with their cutting-edge technology and approach to sustainability. SunPower has an impressive range of products such as the Maxeon Series (400W and a 22.6% efficiency rate) and Performance Series panels. Each panel has been manufactured with energy efficiency and reliability in mind based on field data from over 35 million panels that have been deployed worldwide. SunPower have a market leading 25-year product and performance warranty.

QCELLS are engineered in Germany at their Technology & Innovation Headquarters in Thalheim, which is home to over 300 engineers. The headquarters is one of the largest research and development labs in the world and guarantees that every QCELLS panel that leaves the facility’s door has been subject to extensive internal and external testing. QCELLS are performance leaders when it comes to versatility in real-world conditions such as low light and high temperature environments. QCELLS have 15-25-year product warranties (depending on the panel) and a 25 year performance warranty.

Factors to consider when opting for solar

When choosing a solar panel for commercial use, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Selecting your panels purely based on price or because ‘bigger is better’ can result in you ending up with panels that are not suitable for your needs, location or roof space. Not all solar panels are created equal, which means the size, price and efficiency of your panels can depend on brand, durability, and the quality of the materials used.

Always look at the warranty period for the panels you are considering as these can be a great insight into the manufacturer’s confidence in their products. As warranties are only valid if the company is still in business, try to also opt for a panel brand that has a long history coupled with a solar retailer that will be around to oversee the life of your product warranties. You should also ensure that your panel brand has an Australian based office, is classed as Tier 1 and Clean Energy Council approved.

Factors to Choose Solar

Getting the most out of Solar Energy

Solar panels are designed to sustain various weather conditions, with some brands tested right here in Australia, so they are very durable products that can have a lifespan up to 25 years (and possibly longer) with proper maintenance and routine inspections. These checks help to ensure that you’re getting maximum efficiency out of your panels and that everything is in good working order. 

Here at Cherry Energy Solutions, we stock some of the most technologically advanced and efficient solar panels available for government, educational, commercial or industrial buildings or sites. 

To book your energy saving consultation or learn more about our solar panel range, call 1300 570 886 or book a consultation and one of our experts will be in touch.