Australian Fluid Handling



The situation

Australian Fluid Handling (AFH) is one of Australia’s leading providers of customised and engineered compressors, pumps and skid packaged equipment.

With a wide range of industrial machinery, large warehouse space and long operating hours, AFH were well positioned to save by upgrading to LED lighting.

The solution

Over 140 LED lights were installed; a combination of Cherry LED troffers, downlights, corn lights and oyster lights. These products will reduce AFH’s lighting energy usage by 63% and, due to their lifespan of over 50,000hrs, reduce maintenance costs by $700 per annum.

In collaboration with the Hobsons Bay City Council’s Light$mart program, Cherry Energy Solutions was able to help AFH access a local council rebate and, by installing Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme approved Cherry LED products, AFH received an additional rebate of 30% off the initial install price.

After the installation, Dietmar Hildebrand, CEO reported receiving an excellent service, completed to perfection.

In addition to LED lighting, AFH opted to install a 14.04 kW solar system to further reduce their energy bills. The solar system will produce energy equivalent to $3,530 each year.

After the LED and solar upgrades, AFH saved an additional $3,000 through energy broking thanks to Cherry and Choice Energy.



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