13 Dec 2022

Cherry Energy Solutions


Why is sustainability in business important?

Over the last ten years, there has been a huge shift in people’s personal and professional attitudes towards the environment. We are all finding ways to do our bit for the environment by reducing waste and being more selective in the resources we use. For businesses, this means making changes to many of their current practices so they can operate in a more sustainable manner.

Sustainability to us means the ability to function ongoing at little to no cost to the resources we rely on, whether that be the environment, people or physical resources. 

Businesses are quickly discovering the benefits and the struggles associated with making the shift to sustainability. Without these much needed changes, many of these businesses run the risk of depleting global resources.

Why do commercial businesses struggle with sustainability?

While people are actively trying to make more sustainable choices in their lives, we are seeing many companies struggling with being sustainable. Many older companies and industries have been operating in a particular way for decades, so it’s hard for them to suddenly undo over twenty years of established processes.

Relying on non-renewable resources

As they are non-renewable resources, the earth simply does not have enough to sustain us ongoing. This highlights the importance of sustainability in business as it is often certain industries and bigger businesses that rely most on non-renewable resources.

Keeping up with changes in policies and regulations

Globally, more and more governing bodies are recognising the need for commercial sustainability. Regulations are changing and there are new sustainability requirements that businesses must follow. New regulations put pressure on businesses to either operate more sustainably, or get left behind.

Time and money cost associated with becoming sustainable

Becoming sustainable isn’t a short term commitment. If a business wants to become sustainable they need to look at what resources they rely on as well as what impact they have on the environment. Becoming sustainable often involves making big changes in how a company operates and learning more about what it means to be sustainable.

While new businesses might have the correct principles in mind, lack of capital may make it difficult for them to implement processes that will achieve commercial sustainability.

What are the benefits of sustainability in business?

Longevity in business

Enforcing sustainability practices in business means that your business will be able to operate longer. 

Relying on renewable supply means your business will no longer be at the mercy of non-renewable resources that will eventually be depleted or damaging the environment.

Good public relations

The public is becoming more likely to support businesses who are minimising their carbon footprint and shifting away from non-renewable energy sources. Winning the race to sustainability within your industry will give you the competitive advantage, and help you retain your environmentally conscious customers.

Creating a healthier and safer environment

One of the biggest advantages of sustainability in business is if we work together, we can create an environment that only uses renewable resources. In return, reducing pollution and keeping the planet healthier and habitable for all of us.

How to become sustainable?

It’s not too late to become sustainable. Here are a few steps you can take to start making that change. 

Understand what’s unsustainable in your business

First off, you can’t become sustainable without identifying the unsustainable areas in your business. Once you identify what’s unsustainable in your business you will know what changes you need to make.

Make an action plan and stick to it

Making an action plan for your mission to sustainability gives you actionable deadlines you need to meet, and helps you prioritise your changes. Becoming sustainable does not mean making one or two short term changes. If a business wants to be truly sustainable, they will be actively trying to eliminate all unsustainable practices and continuously finding new ways to improve..

Cherry Energy Solutions’ sustainability practices 

Here at Cherry Energy Solutions we want to help people reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. We do more than simply talk about how to be sustainable, we are sustainable. We utilise renewable power sources and are on our own journey to achieving net zero emissions as a business.

All our products have been created and sourced with sustainability in mind and for every 20kw solar panel system that we install, we will plant a tree. As part of our regeneration project, members of staff gathered together with family and friends to plant 2000 trees along the Gippsland Rail Trail in 2021. 

Our solar panels, LED lights and equipment are recycled with our commercial recycling partners to reduce e-waste in landfill. Let us join you on your journey to commercial sustainability. Give the experts at Cherry Energy Solutions a call on 1300 570 886, or enquire here, so we can start planning your mission to a sustainable future.