12 Aug 2022

Cherry Energy Solutions


Protect Your Business From Rising Energy Prices

With rising energy prices putting pressure on demand, making it more difficult for businesses to operate profitably, it’s more important than ever to minimise expenses and protect your operations. 

There are a number of ways to help safeguard your business from energy price increases, including installing solar panels, swapping to LED lights and reducing your energy consumption.

By mitigating the impact of rising energy prices, you will be making vital business decisions that help minimise being impacted by costly rises now and in the future.

Options Available to Businesses

Install a Solar System

Generating your own electricity and reducing your reliance on the grid is one of the most effective ways to minimise costs and the impact of rising energy prices. Installing commercial solar panels on the roof of your building will immediately cut your energy costs while facilitating a future return on investment. 

There are a number of added benefits to installing solar panels, in addition to providing your business with security against rising commercial energy rates. Installing solar panels also opens your business up to a variety of tax benefits and government incentives that help support your investment.

Swap to LED Lights

Making the switch to LED lights will immediately improve your energy consumption and therefore lessen the impact of rising energy prices on your business. By opting for more energy-efficient and less power-hungry lighting, you are likely to save on costs despite the increase in commercial energy rates as LEDs use considerably less energy.

In addition to being extremely energy efficient, LED lights also save your business money in other ways. Lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional lights, there is much less need to replace lights, allowing you to cut down on maintenance expenses.

Businesses can also look at upgrading their first-generation LED lights to newer, more efficient LED lights that can further reduce energy consumption. These upgrades may be heavily or completely subsidised by government incentives in your area.  

LED lights are available as downlights, floodlights, light tubes and highbays, meaning that they can be easily adapted in a wide variety of commercial settings and installed based on the needs of your business.

Other Industrial Solutions

Fortunately, there are plenty of additional opportunities for commercial businesses to alleviate the financial pressure caused by rising energy prices.

Businesses can opt to install commercial batteries that store excess energy to be used during off-peak hours. Commercial battery storage acts as a power backup which reduces the charges a business incurs when using energy during periods of high demand. 

Businesses can also work with Cherry Energy Solutions to gain a deeper understanding of where energy is being consumed with commercial energy monitoring services. This will ensure that businesses understand which areas are using the most energy, allowing them to make changes to reduce costs.

Reduce Your Consumption

The tried and truest way to reduce your energy costs is to reduce your consumption! Cutting back on other high energy consumption processes or equipment will dial back your bills. However, reducing energy consumption alongside other energy solutions can significantly reduce your energy bills and save your business money in the long run. 

Start Implementing Solutions Today

Cherry Energy Solutions is here to help Australian businesses combat the effects of rising energy prices now and in the future.

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