21 Mar 2022

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How to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings?

What kind of buildings are high on energy consumption?

Due to their size and nature of work, large commercial buildings such as manufacturing plants, offices, warehouses, hospitals and shopping centres can consume massive amounts of energy. 

Commercial businesses can benefit from the many federal, state and local government solar and LED incentives for businesses available to reduce upfront costs.

Renewable and energy efficient upgrades significantly reduce energy consumption and provide a return on investment paying energy bills can not. Adding a solar system or upgrading lighting to LEDs also reduces a business’ carbon footprint and helps them to be more environmentally-friendly.

Quick ways to reduce energy consumption in the workplace

There are a number of easy ways to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings. These measures can make a big difference in minimising energy costs and contributing to a greener planet.

Evaluate your current consumption

Evaluating your current consumption is the first step towards reducing energy usage. Get in contact with your energy supplier to discuss areas of excess energy consumption and what measures can be taken to reduce your usage. This information allows businesses to take the first step and can make a significant difference in the amount of energy your commercial building uses.

You can also perform an energy audit to understand where you are using the most energy which can help identify opportunities to save energy.

Check current equipment efficiency

A major reason that commercial buildings have significantly higher energy consumption is due to the high levels of equipment, machinery and appliances in use.

One of the most effective strategies to reduce energy consumption in buildings is to regularly inspect equipment to ensure it is functioning efficiently and effectively. If it is found that equipment isn’t performing, it’s important to upgrade or repair equipment to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Use of LED lighting

Switching to LED lights is one of the best ways that commercial buildings can significantly reduce energy consumption. LED lights use a fraction of the power of conventional halogen and fluorescent lamps, bulbs and tubes. They generate less heat and need to be replaced less frequently, saving businesses money and reducing energy consumption going forward.

LED lighting technology is also improving all the time. If you have first generation LED lights, your business may benefit from upgrading these lights to even more energy-efficient LED models. Generally, high-quality LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance and replacements needed.

Install green or solar walls

Green walls are an eco-friendly way to promote energy efficiency within commercial spaces. These vertical gardens help to cool down and insulate large buildings, reducing the need to rely solely on cooling systems or appliances. Installing green walls in your commercial building is also a visual way of showing staff, customers and the wider community that you are taking conscious steps to improve your energy consumption, overall perceptions of your commercial business and visual aesthetics. 

Solar walls are an effective energy-saving alternative to green walls. Solar walls are positioned in a similar way to green walls within a commercial building, and are created using a number of solar panels. Solar walls give your commercial building a modern look, while simultaneously generating energy and reducing costs.

Incentives and rebates provided

To assist large commercial buildings in reducing energy consumption, business owners have access to a variety of federal and state government energy incentives. These federal, state and local government incentives for businesses help commercial buildings become more energy efficient by offering rebates on LED lighting upgrades and solar PV systems. At a federal level, commercial businesses can access the following incentives:

The Federal Government’s Stimulus Package

The Federal Government Stimulus Package is available for commercial businesses that have a turnover of up to $5 billion per year and install solar panels and/or LED lighting before 30 June 2023. This stimulus allows large commercial businesses to write-off solar or LED lighting costs in order to make the transition to clean and efficient energy within the building. 

*Subject to terms and conditions. Please speak to your financial advisor or accountant regarding the above information.

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are available for commercial businesses that install solar PV systems 100kW and above. As a part of the Australian government’s Renewable Energy Target Scheme, businesses will be able to generate LGCs up until 2030. This will ensure that large commercial businesses can access rebates each year after installing large-scale solar systems.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are provided to businesses that install solar systems under 100kW, upfront as a discount at point-of-sale. This form of federal government incentive generates a specific number of certificates depending on the geographical location of the solar system, the installation date, and the amount of electricity generated.

Energy Saving Certificate (ESCs)

Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) are a NSW Government incentive that aims to encourage businesses to participate in a variety of energy saving schemes and upgrades. ESCs are approved by Accredited Certificate Providers when a business satisfies the relevant energy-saving requirements.

Calculate your solar system size requirement now

The costs involved with becoming more energy efficient will depend on the size of your commercial building, with those costs being off-set by a variety of government rebates and incentives. 

As a commercial business owner, it is in your best interest to reduce the energy consumption of your business, with the added bonus of helping to protect the planet. Making the investment to include greener technologies will also cut down overall operating costs in the long term. Cherry Energy Solutions has created a solar calculator to assist you in calculating the solar system size that will fit your site roof. Simply fill out the address of your commercial building and select the area of your roof that you would like to install solar panels.

As Australia’s leading commercial energy solutions company, Cherry Energy Solutions will generate a report for you within 60 seconds, allowing you to make informed energy-reduction decisions for your commercial building. To learn more about the ways to reduce energy consumption at work, you can also send Cherry Energy Solutions an enquiry or give us a call on 1300 570 886.