7 Dec 2021

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How Can Hospitals Capitalise On Solar Energy

Over the last decade, there has been a notable rise in hospitals and healthcare facilities adding solar power into their energy mix.

Solar power for hospitals benefits the healthcare sector in a number of ways. As the adoption of solar systems for hospitals continues, Australia should see greater uptake in the number of facilities following the trend and capitalising on the energy, dollar and carbon emission savings from solar energy.

solar power for hospitals

Due to the large area used by hospitals, many of these facilities are fortunate to have an abundance of available roof space to install solar panels. This, in conjunction with the design of the building and the orientation of the array, will impact a hospital’s potential savings. To assist hospitals and healthcare facilities in installing commercial solar systems, there are a number of government incentives available including: 

  • Small-scale Technology Certificates 
  • Large-scale Technology Certificates,
  • Victorian Energy Upgrade program 
  • and more!

As the cost of electricity increases, the benefits of solar have become more attractive for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Check out our commercial solar calculator to find out just how much a hospital could be saving.

Benefits of Solar for Hospitals

Reduce energy costs

Installing an array of professionally designed, commercial, Tier 1 solar panels can help to significantly reduce energy costs in the future.

Using solar systems on hospitals reduces the stress of fluctuating energy prices on that facility. Additionally, the adoption of solar systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities may allow these institutions to offset a proportion of energy usage to achieve a positive cash flow. 

Hospitals across Australia can also reduce costs by installing energy efficient LED lights. The littil Polar COI Medical Panel Light is perfect for medical lighting applications in operating theatres, clinical procedure rooms, dentists and patient treating rooms that require close colour rendition of skin and the high luminous efficacy allows facilities to capitalise on energy savings.

By reducing electricity costs, hospitals can redistribute savings to other areas, including staff, building, system and/or machinery upgrades. Upgrades as a result of reduced energy costs should positively impact healthcare workers and improve patient care.

Installing solar panels across healthcare facilities has the potential to offer significant returns on investment.

Hospital solar power

Green benefit

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has a plethora of benefits for hospitals and the environment as a whole. 


By utilising solar panels, hospitals can dramatically decrease emissions and help contribute to a greener future. Hospitals can nominate emission reduction targets and contribute to the facility’s sustainability goals.

Another major benefit of installing a solar system for hospitals is the positive PR it brings. Generally, hospitals are large emitters of carbon emissions and use a significant amount of energy. Hospitals that are clearly providing a positive contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gasses will likely be viewed favourably by staff, patients and the community. By making measurable steps to be more environmentally conscious, hospitals and healthcare facilities may be able to use this to gain further funding in the future.

Green Hospital energy

Government Incentives

There are a number of government incentives available to assist hospitals and medical facilities in installing commercial solar systems and LED lighting. These include:

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are generated under the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and may be valid for hospitals and healthcare facilities that install a solar PV system under 100kW. This federal government solar incentive offers hospitals an upfront rebate, with the amount received dependent on the location of the hospital, the amount of electricity the hospital generates and the planned date of installation. STC’s reduce by 6.5% on 1 January every year until the Scheme’s planned end in 2030.

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Hospitals that are looking to install solar PV systems over 100kW may be eligible for LGCs. These certificates allow hospitals to capitalise on solar energy and act as a source of continued revenue for the facilities. As stated in the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target scheme, LGCs will provide rebates each year up until 2030 when the scheme is due to finish.

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

Metropolitan and regional hospitals in Victoria that take positive steps towards reducing energy consumption may benefit from Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). Under the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) scheme, hospitals are eligible to receive VEECs for installations of 200kW+ solar systems and upgrades to LED lighting.

Expertise of Cherry Energy Solutions

Cherry Energy Solutions is an Australian leader in commercial solar energy. Specialising in solar solutions, we have a proven track record in installing solar systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia.

Our partnership with Ballarat Health Services allowed us to solve the facility’s high energy consumption from lighting. Our solution involved installing energy-efficient LED lights across the facility and Ballarat Health Services now save $39,021 and 197,525KWH per year. 

We have installed a number of solar PV systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, resulting in lifetime savings of over $1 million dollars, Strathfield Hospital and Milparinka Disability Services

Our expert team is here to help hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia capitalise on solar power. At Cherry Energy Solutions, we are committed to producing the highest quality commercial solar solutions across Australia and aim to contribute to a more sustainable society. 

To find out how solar can benefit your organisation, calculate how much the roof of a hospital or healthcare facility is worth.

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