4 Jul 2020

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Commercial LED Explained.


What is an LED?

LED stands for light emitting diodes, and because it’s directional, it is a smarter, more efficient way to light a room. Rather than using fragile filament power that burns out easily, LEDs utilise the movement of electrons for power and light. LED bulbs stay relatively cool since they only utilise the diodes for light rather than relying on electricity such as to heat incandescent bulbs.

Can LED’s be used to replace conventional light bulbs?

Yes, there is an LED replacement for the majority of incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs on the market. If your light fitting is not listed on the common types below please contact us for a solution.

What type of LED light should I use?

At first LED lights can be a little bit confusing, they are after all a brand new technology. We’ve done our best below to help you along the journey. If you still have questions please get in contact with us at sales@cherryled.com.au, or 1300 570 886.

What are the major advantages of LED lights?

LED Lights:

Draw low power consumption – energy savings of up to 86% when replacing traditional lighting.

  • Are long lasting – downlight fittings lasting 50,000 hours or more.
  • Are cold lighting – radiant heat is typically less than 40 degrees Celsius, as such pose a significantly lower risk to cause ceiling fires than traditional lighting.
  • Built tough – rugged and harder to break than traditional bulbs.
  • Have fast switch times “ instant on, no time delay before lighting”
  • Are simple to use.
  • Are better for our environment – reducing our carbon footprint

How long will LEDs last?

Cherry LED Downlights have ratings of 50,000 hours usage – that’s compared to a typical incandescent lifetime of 3000 hours… much less time climbing ladders to change burnt out or flickering globes, and some great cost savings straight back into your pocket.

Do I need to change my wiring for LED lights?

LED lights are an advanced technology lighting product. Whilst they are often compatible with ‘iron core’ or ‘electronic transformers’ already in ceilings, compatibility problems can exist between the different generations of technology. What’s more, old style transformers may reduce the lifetime of your globes (or fail themselves before the LED globe has reached the end of its useful life).Our advice? Use an accredited electrician to assess whether your transformers need replacing. Rest assured, at cherryLED we provide a fully installed service to ensure the switching process is as smooth as possible – our experts will quickly indentify the most efficient and effective solution for your home.

Are LED Lights Dimmable?

As LED’s are powered electronically, the dimming function of the globes is more versatile. For those who prefer dimmable globes, there are a range of LED lights that are compatible with dimmers. Where a dimmer is not compatible, our team of highly trained electricians can quickly and cost effectively tailor a solution for you whether you are in Melbourne or Sydney.No dimmers at your place? Not a worry, we sell a range of non-dimmable LED globes also.

What Colours are Available?

Although most lamps emit ‘white’ light, this can vary from a cosy ‘very warm’ white to a ‘cool’ white according to the colour temperature of the lamp and the needs of the environment in which they are operating.Some common colours include:3400K (Kelvin): Typically the most popular colour our customer’s prefer. A slightly brighter, ‘warmer’ yellow light.4500K: A more neutral ‘daylight’ colour, more commonly used in office buildings.5400K: A white light, popular for commercial applications.

How Do I calculate the cost of running a light bulb?

For the simplest solution, use our LED calculator.To calculate this yourself:Bulb wattage (i.e. 50W) multiplied by hours usage (i.e. 5) divided by 1000, i.e. $0.25 per day to operate.

Can I trust LED Lights?

All cherryLED globes are certified to Australian, CE and RoHS standards, are mercury free and come with a minimum 2 year guarantee. Even better, the MFB (Melbourne Fire Brigade) has rigorously tested our range of products to ensure they are safe for your home or office.Beware all lights are not necessarily created equal – we recommend lights only that meet the appropriate JAS-ANZ standards. If you’re not sure, please contact us on 1300 570 886.

Will the LED lights be bright enough?

Whilst LED lights (as with all technology) had some major challenges early in their lifecycle, the new generation of lights produce an excellent level of output. We’re confident you won’t only finds globes to meet your needs, but will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

What is a CFL and why would I swap it over to LED?

CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp. It is a small fluorescent light bulb that uses less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. However, LED’s:


  • Last up to 6 times longer than CFL’s.
  • Require no ‘warm up’ period when switched on.
  • Are mercury free, AND.
  • Typically offer a further 50% saving on energy usage to CFL’s.


Do cherryLED have a warranty policy?

Our globes have over 5 years of research behind them – we know they’re good and back them to perform. All our products come with a minimum 2 year warranty – and a no questions asked refund/exchange policy if our globes are found to be faulty.

Is there a fire risk for LED lights?

LED lights run at much lower temperatures than incandescent and traditional halogen lights – gone are the days of burning your fingers touching a light fitting…. LED lights run at around the 50 degree Celsius mark, cool enough to touch!

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