4 Jul 2020

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Solar Powered Pumping.

Solar Photovoltaics is now one of the most lucrative sources of energy for pumping on irrigation farms of all sizes, ranging from broad acre cropping to protected horticulture.

In Australia, irrigated agriculture produces more than 20% of the total value of Australian agricultural production on less than 1% of agricultural land. To achieve this, approximately 3.5 million mega litres (ML) of irrigation water is applied every year in Tasmania alone (ABS, 2015).

How it works.

Solar power offers an innovative solution to the high energy cost of irrigation pumping.

A solar array can be sized to meet any scale of power demand, meaning that the potential of using solar to pump water is limitless. Many different configurations are possible, including full replacement of mains electricity or diesel, hybrid solutions that combine mains and solar power and installations that provide power for only part of an irrigation system, such as a transfer pump that can be used year round.

The suitability of a solar powered irrigation solution is dependent on the following factors:

  • Number of months pumping per year
  • Water storage capacity
  • Time of day when irrigation occurs
  • Potential to utilise or export and sell excess energy

Advantages of implementing solar as a source of power for irrigation pumping

  • Efficient & Durable
    Solar powered pumping systems involve minimal maintenance and carry panel warranties of 25yrs. These systems are capable of pumping thousands of gallons of water without undergoing any maintenance.
  • Multifaceted
    Solar powered pumps are able to perform a number of functions that range from extracting water for human consumption, to farming and irrigation.
  • Scalable Technology
    Solar powered pumping systems are extremely flexible. Additional panels can be added if necessary and systems are now compatible with battery storage technology.
  • Easy Installation
    Cherry Energy Solutions has partnered with Gravitas Energy, to service more rural areas and agricultural enterprises.
  • Hedge Electricity Prices
    Hedge your electricity prices with free energy from the sun and reduce exposure to rising electricity and diesel prices.

The components that comprise solar powered pumping systems typically include a solar array, an inverter to convert generated DC electricity into AC electricity and enable integration with other electricity supply, power controllers and electric pumps to lift the water from its source to delivery points.