reduce electricity costs

Installing <strong>commercial solar panels</strong> results in an immediate reduction of electricity bills and offers a significant return on investment over time. Solar panels result in continual savings on commercial energy over the investment’s lifespan. <strong>Solar systems</strong> are currently the most effective way to safeguard businesses against increased electricity price increases in the future.


reduce carbon footprint

The installation of <strong>commercial solar panels</strong> helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint from CO2 emissions. Relying on <strong>clean, renewable energy</strong> is expected to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change for the years to come.


reduce reliance on grid

As energy prices continue to soar, you can keep your business overheads down by becoming energy independent and taking your business’s energy generation into your own hands. Low cost, green energy every day of the year

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Commercial sites with low to medium energy usage – with annual electricity costs of around $15,000


Office buildings
Primary schools
Hospitality venues

Establishments that use around 350kWh per day.


Government buildings
Secondary schools
Transport and logistic companies
Shopping centres
Leisure venues
Large offices
Health care
Nursing homes


Large commercial offices
Industrial sites
Food processing
Beverage and other manufacturing facilities
Shopping centres


Sites that have a large ground area available
One extra large building
Multiple buildings for multiple arrays that make up the total size


Even larger systems are available.


Performance warranties of 25 years on Tier 1 panels. Product warranties of 12-25 years (depending on the brand). Inverters have 10 years +.

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Cherry is a leading Government, Commercial and Industrial energy efficiency solutions company that has proudly installed over 60MW of solar and 2 million LED lights across a range of customers such as Spotlight Retail Group, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Baby Bunting, Pedders, Stonnington Council, TNT Express and more.

We provide a range of customised solutions and multiple technologies and services including solar PV systems, LED lighting upgrades, battery storage, energy monitoring and more! Pair any and all solutions with our range of finance options to stay cash flow positive from day one.

We are an energy efficiency solutions company backed by EnergyAustralia. This gives our customers peace of mind and assurance that we are going to be a strong, stable partner for them now and long into the future.

We are a Clean Energy Council Accredited Retailer, triple ISO certified and have a core focus on safety to ensure our customers and staff are safe on site. Our solar and LED installations are completed only by licensed electricians and our installers are required to have had no prosecutions registered with SafeWork Victoria in the past three years (or with an equivalent authority in another Australian jurisdiction).



Step 1:

Free consultation

Once your commercial solar system has been installed, we will connect it to the grid so that you can experience immediate energy savings. You will receive an operations manual and be able to contact Cherry Energy Solutions at any time for assistance.

Step 2:

Personalised quote

As a result of our consultation, we will provide you with a no-obligation, customised energy efficiency proposal and quote. This commercial LED lighting or solar installation quote can be adjusted before the solar project goes ahead.

Step 3:


Your site will be thoroughly inspected by our CEC Accredited Installation team. Once approved, we will commence all solar panel installations in the quickest time frame possible, while ensuring we stay within all safety and funding parameters.

Step 4:

Start saving

Cherry Energy Solutions provides a free consultation to all businesses eager to minimise the impact of the <strong>global energy crisis</strong>. Our comprehensive energy assessments help us determine customised solutions that help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.



Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are a part of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme. Businesses that upgrade their old lighting or install a solar PV system greater than 200kW+ may be eligible for this scheme. Cherry Energy Solutions can provide businesses with VEECs that meet the relevant requirements.


Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) are used as an incentive from the New South Wales Government as a part of the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). ESCs can only be approved by an Accredited Certificate Provider. The ESS was developed to incentivise businesses to participate in energy-saving activities that reduce business costs and greenhouse gas emissions. One ESC represents a saving of one MWh (megawatt hour).


Businesses that install a 100kW commercial solar panel may be eligible to receive Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) under the Federal Government’s Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. A business will receive a specific number of certificates which is determined by the installation date, amount of generated electricity and geographic location. One STC represents a saving of one MWh (megawatt hour).


Solar panel installations over 100kW may be eligible for Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). LGCs allow businesses to sell generated renewable energy to energy retailers in a minimum of 5,000 certificates per transaction. LGCs act as an ongoing source of revenue for businesses with large commercial solar PV investments. The number of LGCs generated will be determined per megawatt hour of eligible electricity and the size of the solar system.

Federal Stimulus Package

Businesses that turnover up to $5 billion and have a new commercial solar system installed and operational by 30th June 2023* may be eligible to instantly write off new assets under the Federal Stimulus Package. This package may reduce your tax in the next financial year and can be combined with other Federal Government Incentives.

*Subject to terms and conditions. Please speak to your financial advisor or accountant regarding the above information.

Local Council Programs

Your local council may offer Light$mart or Energy$mart programs and/or Energy Upgrade Finance (EUF) or Building Upgrade Finance (BUF) options. Cherry Energy Solutions is the preferred supplier of many local government councils and may be able to offer adorable commercial energy solutions subsidies for LED upgrades and solar PV system installations.