Strathbogie Solar Bulk Buy

We are excited to be launching our Strathbogie Solar Bulk Buy Program, in collaboration with the Yarra Energy Foundation!

How it Works

The Yarra Energy Foundation and Cherry Energy Solutions are committed to helping communities transition to a zero-carbon economy in the most equitable way possible. Access to local solar energy will increase the resilience of the Shire of Strathbogie, soften the impact of energy price shocks, and reduce the region’s collective carbon footprint.

Once 50kW of solar has been sold as part of the Bogie Bulk Buy, participants will be able to vote for the local community group that they would like to see receive a solar PV system donation. If we reach a further 50kw, the donation will increase, and so on!

  • Exclusive bulk buy pricing available to businesses and residents in Strathbogie Shire Council
  • Generate free energy from the sun and dramatically reduce your electricity bills and carbon emissions