21 Mar 2022

Cherry Energy

EV Infrastructure Essential to Reach Net – Zero

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to dominate the future car market, with ‘The International Energy Agency‘ predicting that the number of electric vehicles on the roads worldwide could hit 145 million by 2030.

However, as electric cars increase in popularity, so too does the demand for EV charging stations and other crucial energy infrastructure.

As the world moves towards clean energy solutions, it’s becoming clear that solar energy and EVs go hand-in-hand.

One of the best ways your business can prepare for the EV revolution is to set up a commercial solar system as an investment in a clean energy future.

The Path to Net Zero is Through Infrastructure

With the global push towards renewable energy, it’s natural that sustainable transport solutions will be the next big step. Clean transport not only has the potential to reduce our fossil fuel consumption – when at its most efficient, it also promotes improved air quality and lower levels of noise pollution. But in order to accommodate the uptick in EVs, more EV charging stations are also needed to keep up with demand. 

Australia is currently lagging behind the rest of the world in EV charging infrastructure, with the Electric Vehicle Council reporting that only 3,000 public EV charging stations are currently installed across the country. This is in comparison to the UK and the US, who have more than 80,000 public charging stations combined. Experts predict that a dramatic increase in the number of public charging stations is needed if Australia is to achieve its net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

The good news is that both Australian state and federal governments are aware of the vehicle revolution and are taking steps to encourage its continued growth. The Victorian Government recently provided funding to the CSIRO to produce a system linking solar photovoltaics and batteries with smart charging technology.

This innovative system draws upon renewable energy to charge an electric vehicle with a very minimal impact on the electricity grid. Revolutionary solar infrastructure systems such as these are crucial in reaching future net-zero goals, especially as EVs diversify and the needs of customers expand.

Planning For a Sustainable Future

Many businesses have recognised the need for better EV charging infrastructure, and are now leading the way towards a more sustainable future. The best part is that the clean energy revolution isn’t confined to infrastructure development itself, but also to its implementation. This means that both small and larger businesses alike can make a difference with adding simple, affordable changes to their current systems. Becoming a solar-powered or renewable-powered corporation can help increase brand awareness within the EV community and decrease monthly electricity costs. By having your commercial site evaluated for potential clean energy solutions, you can begin investing in a more economical green energy future.

Start Planning For the EV Future Now

As a leading provider of energy-efficient infrastructure, Cherry Energy Solutions is dedicated to helping future-proof Australian businesses through sustainable energy solutions. We’re experts in everything from innovative solar panels, EV charging and batteries, to the latest in technology with LED lighting.

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