11 Feb 2022

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Can Your Business Benefit from the Government’s New EEC Grant?

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Do LED Lights Really Make a Difference?

Commercial LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting choice in commercial spaces across Australia including warehouses, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and government buildings. It is becoming an increasingly popular lighting choice among these businesses due to its ability to significantly reduce energy costs.

If your business is a food and beverage manufacturer, you may qualify for the government’s new Energy Efficient Communities (ECC) Program. This grant supports businesses to switch to more environmentally-friendly solutions and lower energy costs in the long-term. With the rise of Australian electricity prices, and growing environmental concerns, thousands of businesses have already reduced their lighting costs by more than 80% by installing commercial LED lights.

Incentives and Rebates

Australian businesses can take advantage of a number of subsidies and government rebates for LED lighting. Commercial installation incentives vary by state, so it is important to check with an expert such as Cherry Energy Solutions to ensure you can take advantage of the subsidies.  

When switching to LED lighting, your business may qualify for the ECC Program. This nationwide government incentive can provide Food and Beverage Manufacturing businesses up to 100% or up to $25,000 in subsidies for energy efficiency improvements such as LED lighting upgrades.

This is in addition to other federal and state incentives that may be available to you, including the Federal Government Stimulus Package, Victorian Energy Upgrades (VIC), and the Energy Savings Scheme (NSW).

By tailoring our information directly to you, our incentives experts can help your business get the most out of the EEC Program by reducing your energy costs. 

To learn more about EEC Program eligibility, visit Cherry Energy Solutions’ resource page

The Benefits of LED Lighting

No matter which industry you are in, Cherry Energy Solutions can help your business take advantage of the many benefits of commercial LED lighting.

LED Lights Reduce Costs

LED lights are significantly more energy efficient than traditional lighting options, which will help businesses save money on electricity costs. Additionally, as LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than halogen bulbs, and 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs, they significantly lower maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular bulb replacements.

With Federal Government and State incentives, your lighting upgrade can be 100% free so you are saving money from day 1.

LED Lights Are Customisable

With their customisable technology, LEDs are the superior choice when it comes to enhancing the working space of your business. They are available in a wide variety of colours, and can improve your facility’s appearance by offering precise brightness control. Most modern LED alternatives also include advanced technology such as timers, occupancy sensors and daylighting.

LED Lights Improve Work Environments

LEDs can create a more pleasant working environment by producing a higher quality light than traditional lighting alternatives. This is due to their high CRI temperature adjustment capabilities and low glare lenses, both of which have been shown to reduce eye strain, boost workplace productivity and improve employee satisfaction. Through better lighting and higher visibility, you can reduce accidents and improve the safety of your workers.

LED Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

LEDs can help your business become more environmentally friendly. These smart alternatives to traditional lighting can reduce energy consumption in your workplace by more than 70%. This results in a lower carbon footprint and can help save your business thousands of dollars each year.

Choose Cherry Energy Solutions for Your Next LED Installation

As Australia’s leading commercial energy efficiency company, Cherry Energy Solutions has installed an estimated two million LED lights. Our team is dedicated to helping your business reduce energy costs and transform your working space through innovative LED lighting systems. We understand the different types of commercial LED lighting available and can directly tailor solutions to your business and its individual needs.

To find out more about how LED lighting can benefit your business, send us an enquiry or give us a call on 1300570886.